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OMG! Digmon and Pokemon
2nd-Nov-2005 02:12 am - Looking for Digidestined [For IC!TK]
She sat in front of the computer console and looked through the roster list, looking for anyone who seemed familiar. Her eyes darted to Gatomon every now and again. “Anything?” She asked, looking around her from Gato, to the Queen, to Alice.

All three shook their heads in negation. There was nothing in the roster that even looked like a digidestined. But then Alice paused and pointed to the screen. Kari's head turned to look at the name she was pointing at. “Teka .... TK!” She screamed, pointing at the name and blushing furiously.
22nd-Oct-2005 12:03 am - RP LOG: Ken and Iori
Not Average
Who: Ken Ichijoji and Iori Hida
When: Sometiem after the Kounapping
Where: Park
Rating: PG
Summary: Ken sneeks out and takes a walk. Iori and bullies along the way.

Yeah, run home to your mommy!Collapse )
10th-Oct-2005 06:02 pm - RP LOG! Taichi!
*grin grin*
Who: Taichi Yagami and..um..Agumon? XD
When: After Kou was kounapped.
Where: Some random cave in teh Digital World.
Rating: G?
Summary: Taichi's where-a-bouts are revealed!

He knew! Wow!Collapse )
9th-Oct-2005 10:57 pm(no subject)
*grin grin*
Who: Taichi Yagami, Iori Hido, and Koushiro Izumi (and Kachan!)
When: Before Iori goe sto stay with Jyou, and before Kou gets kounapped.
Where: Koushiro's house
Rating: pg-13 (OMG kinda naughty!)
Summary: WOW. Lots of stuff here. Crting, laughing, blushing, pouting, all kina of stuff. Oh and kissing. Taichi comes to stay with Kou, has a conversation with Kachan while Iori and Koushiro are talking. Then Kachan leaves with Iori and Koushiro and Taichi...um...get to know each other better. Just....just read.

We're all really confused deep down.Collapse )
29th-Sep-2005 10:46 pm - RP LOG: Ken and Daisuke
Not Average
Who: Ken Ichijoji and Daisuke Motomiya
When: Hours after the last log
Where: Digital world/Daisuke's home
Rating: PG
Summary: Daisuke is worried and looks for Ken, only to worry more.

I Lo---Er, not yet.>.>Collapse )
29th-Sep-2005 10:37 pm - RP LOG: Ken and Kaizer
Not Average
Who: Ken Ichijoji and Kaizer
When: A few days after they get back from the digital world the first time
Where: Digital world
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ken gets and email then meets with the Kaizer.

*smack*...*whip*Collapse )
25th-Sep-2005 11:38 pm(no subject)
Who: Daisuke and Ken
When: Uh... Wow. This is the first DaiKen log. so.. the day this RP got kickin' again. BACKDATED
What: PG
Why: Daisuke comes out to Ken.. and Ken comes out to Daisuke. Yay!

Sticky situation? XDCollapse )
21st-Sep-2005 08:20 pm(no subject)
Things I know as of right now;

1. Rita is now a category 5 hurricane.

2. If we do end up staying there is a possibility of two weeks or more without power but I *do* have a cousin with a generator.

3. Texas is in a state of emergency now.

*deep breath* I'm okay, my family has made plans for both if we stay and if we evacuate. But because of this starting friday I will not be sure if I can get online for stuff.

Comms are being given sub-mods, I will keep posting as long as I can but this looks VERY big, again category 5 and I just don't know how much longer until we at lest lose power.

Again, we are fine with both the cousin with a generator(who is a EMS worker) and are all stocked up to set it out, and mum's numerous friends in Austin if it gets too bad.

Just a little heads up

X-posted to a lot of places, sorry for spamming
7th-Sep-2005 12:13 am - OOC: Trying to keep this RP Alive.
I made an Update to Iori's Journal, I'm going to try to be more active and keep my journals updated, in the hopes you guys can RP and respond some.

So, Hopefully we will get less busy and can RP again.
26th-Aug-2005 10:53 pm - ey eeey~
I told you guys that I would disappear when school started. ;O;

I hope I haven't missed TOO too much. I really miss you guys. I had SO much fun RPing Jyou (which is so WEIRD, but wtf. Jyou was FUN.) I have Work and the Fall Play and school and insane amounts of homework and searching for a college and studying. Oi oooi. ;O;

I assume that classes and such are starting up for some of you as well. Just about all of my wonderful summer RPs have come to an abrupt halt and I miss things terribly.

Maybe I'll get around to posting some logs that haven't been posted yet or something. Even if we can't get around to RPing much anymore, I'd still like you talk to all of you guys, wtf. YOU'RESOCOOLOMG.
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